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Ehsaas Program 14000 Online Check 2022 (SMS & CNIC)

On the 30th of February, 2022, PM Imran Khan extended the 12000 program to Ehsaas Programme 14000. Register & Check Online your funds using the complete guide available on the webpage of Apna4G article.

Women who are poor and in need in Pakistan are eligible to receive Ehsaas cash after six months. The cash will only be distributed to females who successfully complete the survey Ehsaas.

In essence, you must go to the closest Ehsaas Survey Center to apply (register) the biometric information. They’ll ask you for your CNIC as well as your name as well as your husband’s name, Family members, sources that provide income as well as financial information as well as information about your home.

Ehsaas Program 14000 Money

It was 12,000, but on Feb 28, 2022 when addressing the public on the government’s TV the PM’s salary was increased by 2000 in the amount. In essence, it was 12000 in the beginning, and then it was raised to 13000. The actual amount is 14000 PKR.


The next question is “how we can apply and receive” the extended 14,000 dollars from the Ehsaas program. To assist you we’ve provided the steps step-by-step procedure. Follow these steps and (apply and then get) Ehsaas money after every six months.

How to Apply and Receive 14000

These are the steps you need to go through to verify for, apply, sign up, and finally, be eligible for your usual Ehsaas assistance:

  • 1st – Verify to receive support or not (SMS Method and online Ehsaas Tracking Portal)
  • 2 – All users who receive positive responses “they are eligible to receive Ehsaas support ” will need to sign up their CNIC and Names for Ehsaas the Survey Centers”
  • 3rd – Purchase an Ehsaas Registration Slip. Then then wait until you receive you receive your Ehsaas support money is approved by the government. (ou will receive an SMS on your registered numbers that the money has reached the Ehsaas Centre)
  • 4 – Lastly, when you have received Ehsaas Money Alert via SMS, make a visit to your closest Ehsaas center in every city in Pakistan and you will receive 14,000 per month for 6 months.

Please note that this is a reference piece and we don’t sign up or provide an option to check your status. It is necessary to go to the official Ehsaas website to verify your status. We have also explained each step in detail below, with full information and descriptions.

1st Step (Check Your Eligibility)

There are two ways (SMS and Online) method to determine the eligibility of common Pakistan. 1. Check if you’re eligible to be eligible for Ehsaas assistance or not through “SMS” rather than via “Online portal” Demo is available below:

Check by SMS

  • Enter Your CNIC numbers without dashes
  • This number can be sent to the number 8171 using SMS
  • In response, the recipient will be provided with an report on eligibility
  • Reply will let you know whether you are able to earn money or not.

Check through Online Portal

  • Visit Ehsaas Tracking 8171 portal
  • Fill in your Form Number, or CNIC Number
  • Enter you mobile (SIM) number.
  • Select “Maloom Karen” and ask about your money status

So all users who have “positive indications” are eligible to visit the survey centers. This is a procedure that’s described in the following.

2 2nd (Visit Registration Center)

There are many registration centers that are across Pakistan (all regions) and even villages. You can visit the center using your CNIC and then register using Ehsaas “Survey”.

  • Visit Ehsaas Survey Center
  • Take your survey
  • Inform the agent about your earnings
  • Also, make sure to brief your property to the agent
  • They’ll register with you and provide you with an SLIPE

3rd Step (Get Slip & Wait for SMS)

You will be enrolled in the Ehsaas (NADRA) databases following the survey. The next step is to make sure you take care of the slip given to you by the Ehsaas Survey Office. The Slip is like this.

There is your name, CNIC Number, Family Number, Family Members’ number as well as your Mobile Number are listed. It is a proof your information is registered on Ehsaas database. Ehsaas database. Within a couple of months, you will receive an email informing you that your payment has been processed and you can visit your local Ehsaas center to pick it up.

4 Step (Receive an SMS and Collect Money)

After successful registration at Ehsaas You will be given an acknowledgement slip. They will verify your CNIC number as well as your phone number. After your application is approved, you will get an SMS which directs you to Ehsaas and you will be able to get cash. This is the final step, and you’ll receive 14000 dollars with this Ehsaas program.

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Important Notice (Scam Alert)

Make sure you pay attention to the 8171 SMS because there are many scam SMS sent from different numbers, and they demand cash from people who are poor. Therefore, Ehsaas only sends messages from 8171. All other numbers are fake , and you should not ignore these SMS.


Therefore, it is now possible to follow these four steps to receive your Ehsaas program cash in 14000 dollars instead of the 12000. But, we have changed the process in order to make an application (register) and withdraw cash. For more information, please leave a post a comment below.

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